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The Orpington hen first appeared in its present form in 1887 and is a large and most majestic bird. The Orpington is a beautiful and wonderfully docile handsome breed.

The hens lay an abundance of cream coloured eggs and are a wonderfully docile breed particularly suited to inexperienced poultry keepers, or those with young families, both productive and very enjoyable, garden and child friendly.

Their small wings mean that they can be contained behind a low fence, and that they are equally suited to small gardens, smallholdings, allotments or farmyards. The ability to survive in a variety of environments is one of the breed’s key features.

Orpington are our main breed, however we also have other interesting breeds to choose from.

News : Championship winner in National Poultry Club of Great Britain - November 2012

1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize The Poultry Club National Championship Show 2010

1st prize Blue Orpington and White Poland. 2nd prize Juvenile Poland at The Poultry Club National Championship Show 2009.

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